Low Pressure Injection Molding

Low Pressure Injection Molding

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> Low Pressure Injection Molding

STC now offers low pressure injection molding to support complex part geometries in a number of technical ceramic materials.

Partnering with STC's team of engineers means you can expect highly reliable components that in many cases do not require additional machining. STC offers high purity 99.96% alumina and yttria stabilized zirconia materials which can be molded to:

  • Low shrinkage material to hold tighter as-fired tolerances 
  • +/- ½% or +/- .002” whichever is greater depending on part size 
  • 0.010” min - 0.250” max component wall thickness 
  • Low and high volume requirements 
  • Odd shaped, taper, slots, keyways, threads 
  • Very small holes at tight tolerances

If you are seeking a partner with a commitment to the success of your project, call us today at (802) 527-7726 to discuss how low pressure injection molding can offer a manufacturing solution for your most complicated part geometries.

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