Magnesia-Stabilized Zirconia (MSZ)

Transformation toughened zirconias such a Magnesia-Stabilized Zirconia have small precipitates of tetragonal phase which are formed inside of the cubic phase grains. These precipitates transform from the meta-stable tetragonal phase to the stable monoclinic phase when a crack attempts to propagate through the material. This causes the precipitate to expand and blunt the crack tip promoting toughness.

MSZ can be either ivory or yellow-orange in color due to differences in preparation of the raw material.

Ivory colored MSZ has a higher purity and offers slightly better mechanical properties.

MSZ is more stable in high temperature (220C and above), high moisture environments than YTZP - where YTZP typically degrades. MSZ has a low thermal conductivity and CTE similar to cast iron to prevent thermal mismatch in ceramic to metal assemblies. Due to the transformation toughening, STC’s partially stabilized MSZ provides excellent strength, toughness, wear, abrasion, and corrosion resistant materials to meet the severe service needs of many industries.

Prime Features
High mechanical strengthHigh temperature resistance
Very high wear resistanceVery high impact resistance
Very low thermal conductivityThermal expansion suitable for ceramic-to-metal assemblies
High chemical resistance (acids/bases) 


Typical Applications
Deep well, down hole componentsWear parts
Structural ceramicsPrecision valve seats and seals
Roller guides for tube formingMWD tools
BushingsWear sleeves
Pump pistonsPump sleeves
Spray nozzlesCeramic bearings


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