Technical Ceramics for Oil & Gas / Petrochemical

STC offers the oil and gas industry a variety of ceramic materials to meet the increasingly severe service requirements for petroleum and gas upstream processing. These include a wide range of problem solving materials and extreme-wear products made from Zirconia (YTZPMSZ, CSZ), Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA), Alumina (74-99.96%) and Silicon Nitride (Si3N4).

As conventional and unconventional wells become more extreme operating environments, with higher pressures, temperatures and extreme pH, our engineers will collaborate with your team to find the best material solution for your specific challenge. Focusing on custom solutions for oil & gas equipment components, we offer an extensive list of customizable products such as pump liners and plungers for mud, metering and injection pump systems, MWD tooling wear and impact components, wear sleeves, radial bearing components, downhole nozzles, electrical insulators, and connector components.

STC supports the oil and gas industry from prototype to production. Our engineers can assist with custom design of a product to meet your specific need.

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Pump & Valve Applications
Seal components Casings Sleeves
Casing Rings Mechanical Seals Suction Pipes
Impellers Liners Suction Side Plates
Impeller Rings Shafts Wear Plates
Downhole Tool Components: MWD (Measure While Drilling), ESP (Electric Submersible Pumps); Telemetry
Poppets Poppet Seats Wear Sleeves
Electrode Insulators Seal Carriers guide plug
float sleeve retainer ring gap sub
Ceramic Plungers, Valves, & Packaging Applications
Extension Rods Valve Seals Valve Seats
Wear-Resistant Product Applications
Chokes and Valves Hanger Bearings Pump Impellers/Liners
Desanders Hydrocyclone Liners Separators
Downhole Sensor Parts Shaft sleeves Nozzles, Sandblast/Spray
Downhole Wear Parts Mechanical Seals Wearplates