Semiconductor Processing

STC is equipped to handle the ever-growing demand of the semiconductor processing industry. We support 100mm, 130mm, 150mm, 200mm and 300mm wafer systems and we are developing processes to support the industry changeover to 450mm. Our specialized technical ceramics experience, combined with dedication to quality and on-time delivery, have enabled solar energy, photovoltaic, and electronics manufacturers to improve production methods and boost yields - ultimately reducing the cost of operations.

STC has a strong track record of supporting both horizontally and vertically-designed furnace manufacturers, supplying them with coil spacers & insulators, feedthroughs and other components. We maintain close relationships with our OEM customers - supporting assembly integrators, collaborating on design specifications, and supplying their semiconductors with components following lean and JIT manufacturing concepts.

STC is also able to supply metalized components and assemblies for a variety of instrumentation and control applications.

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Ceramic Components
Baffle RingsFocus RingsInsulator, Sleeves
Chamber LinersFurnace VaporizersInsulator, Suppressor
Chuck BasesHeater Coil SpacersMounting Rings
Clamp, FingerHeater ComponentsMulti-step Insulators
Electrode RingsInsulator, BodyPlungers
Feedthrough AssemblyInsulator, Faraday BlockShadow Clamp
Feedthrough, Base PlateInsulator, Faraday CupStandoffs
Feedthrough, ElectrodesInsulator, FilamentsTubes
Feedthrough SuppressorsInsulator, ReflectorsWashers
Filler RingsInsulator RingsWindows