Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Superior Technical Ceramics is a leading materials technology provider specializing in advanced ceramic products for development and production programs.  Our St. Albans, Vermont campus features a state of the art processing equipment, ranging from automated presses to 5-axis machining centers, an advanced materials laboratory and specially designed facilities for industry leading OEMs.
The 160+ highly skilled employees bring together a range of scientific, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to provide leading solutions to the Aerospace, Industrial Process, Semiconductor, and Instrumentation Markets.
Manufacturing Engineering Manager
The Manufacturing Engineering Manager is responsible for managing technical resources to deliver local and system-wide optimization and reliability improvements in support of meeting our customer commitments and ensuring STC’s long-term success. This position champions the development of the competency and commercial knowledge of Manufacturing Engineering resources for Superior Technical Ceramics’ manufacturing system.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Ceramic, Mechanical or Industrial Engineering or equivalent experience with 5+ years manufacturing experience working with process and automation equipment.
  • Experience managing teams of engineers working on disparate projects.
  • Experience with statistical analysis and statistical software
  • Strong, clear and effective written and verbal communication skills
  • Familiarity with the operation of production equipment
  • Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Strong organizational, analytical and troubleshooting skills 
  • Leads the Manufacturing Engineering team with through data gathering, analysis, problem-solving, and project management activities.
  • Initiates process improvements through continuous improvement techniques that support quality improvements, cycle time reductions, cost reductions, and other activities aimed at reducing/eliminating non-value added work. Responsible for the development and preparation of process improvements and accountable for leading instruction, facilitating team decisions, managing teamwork, resolving conflict, assisting with implementation, and conducting the required follow-up.
  • Responsible for developing and implementing an understanding of production losses and reducing those unplanned losses in ways that evaluate and resolve their root causes. Within the manufacturing engineering team, serve as an expert or as a fresh pair of eyes to challenge the existing process and look to devise and implement an improved version. This will include sharing best practices across facilities.  
  • Ensures the Manufacturing Engineering team works together cohesively with all stakeholders. Works closely with Materials Engineering, Quality Assurance, Facilities/Maintenance, Supply Chain, Production, and the Leadership team to prevent problems with products and equipment.
  • Acts as a key technical communication resource for Business Development. Works with Applications Engineering to develop optimization opportunities to increase our success with our customers.
  • Manages the transition of product design and development for new or existing products from customer designs to manufacturing. Supports and assists internal development projects to ensure a smooth transition into full production.
  • Ability to influence working culture in order to achieve high levels of engagement by all employees.
  • Responsible for the evaluation of machine and facility capacity by comparing current and future bottlenecks with predicted demand using tools such as flow simulation or capacity modeling.
  • Increase manufacturing capability both through driving new and novel use of our existing equipment and through the selective acquisition and implementation of new complementary capabilities.
  • Works with Manufacturing Engineers and Supply Chain to ensure that we have the best suppliers possible and that we are utilizing them as effectively as possible.
  • Other duties as required.