CNC Operator

The CNC Operator runs the machines, such as lathes, mills, drill presses, grinders, and mechanical and isostatic presses, to efficiently produce quality ceramic components.


1. 1-2 years of prior machine operator/manufacturing experience a plus, or equivalent classroom experience
2. Ability to read calipers and micrometers
3. Attention to detail, with the ability to follow precise instructions and procedures
4. High comfort level working with computers 5. Ability to work independently, and under the pressure of deadlines


1. Safely loads and unloads the production machines 
2. Runs the machines to make the finished product, staying focused despite the routine nature of the job 
3. Checks the quality of the finished product using the tools assigned 
4. Identifies non-conforming products and halts production when necessary 
5. Fills out SPC (statistical process control) sheets when applicable 
6. Keeps track of individual production by logging in/out of our MRP/Barcode system and counting completed parts 
7. Reads and follows routing instructions, and brings finished parts to the next department. 
8. Other duties as assigned, including but not limited to, performing a variety of other machining operations in any one of STC’s three production locations