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Thanks for visiting. We're a custom technical ceramic manufacturer delivering unique material and engineering solutions to a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, analytical instrumentation, energy, oil and gas, semiconductor, and more. We host over 135,000 square feet of manufacturing space in northern Vermont, and have earned numerous certifications, including ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certificates, along with ITAR registration, and REACH and RoHS compliance.

How We Work: 

We’re renowned for our ability to manage all aspects of the technical ceramics production process in-house, while maintaining high degrees of responsiveness to our customer's needs. This is due to our tightly integrated company culture, coupled with the latest manufacturing equipment. Take a tour of some of our facilities, below.

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Powder Preparation

We control all aspects of the ceramic process, starting with powder preparation. Producing our own powders gives us the ability to provide the material properties our customers demand. Superior Technical Ceramics is one of the few USA suppliers with this expertise.

Green Machining

Machining in the green state aids in controlling production costs. With up to 5 axis capability, our shop can manufacture most geometries and volume from prototype to production levels. The key to successful green machining is our control of the ceramic powders and forming methods. That control provides understanding of how the preforms change during the firing/sintering process so final dimensions are achieved without diamond grinding after firing.


We support multiple methodologies for the creation of forms prior to firing. These include isostatic pressing, extrusion, injection molding and mechanical pressing. Click above to tour one of our iso-press workstations.

Kiln Room

Once made, green parts are brought to the kiln room for firing. We have multiple kilns, including our Bricesco, CM, Unique, HED and Nabertherm kilns, which supports the creation of a broad range of ceramic products. Click above to tour our kiln room.  

Inspection Room 1

Similarly, our inspection room is critical to our monitoring the quality of the ceramics we manufacture. A unique feature of our organization is our ability to measure across the entire manufacturing spectrum including: powder preparation, forming, green machining, firing, glazing, grinding and shipping. Click above to tour the inspection room in our western facility.

Inspection Room 2

Our quality process from powder through to finished part is vital to meeting our customers expectations. Every touch along the way from setup to shipment has responsibility to ensure quality is passed along to the next step. Click above to tour one of our inspection rooms.


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